Mike Keeling

Not a Typical Politician

Mike is a proud product of public schools and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Education from a state University (Western Kentucky University). He's made an impact on the lives of thousands of public school students in classrooms all across America. Now it's time for him to fight for those students and their families in Washington D.C..

Fights for Working Americans

Growing up a blue collar kid, Mike Keeling learned how to be humble and put in a hard days work. The son of a Union Insulator, Mike Keeling will fight for working men and women against our broken political system. 

True Patriot

Mike Keeling had a classified clearance and worked as an engineer onboard a guided missile destroyer. When the Russian and Chinese governments came to Mike Keeling with a proposition to buy classified military info, Keeling told them,"There's no amount of money that would make me sell out the American people."

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